Billfish Photos

Billfish in Gibraltar
Med Run '79

Billfish entering Portsmouth, England
Med Run '81

Moored in La Spezia June 1992
The guy topside waving is John Millard.

Billfish in LaMad: thanks to Mike Klein who found this one in the National Archives

        Punching holes in the ocean
 the hard way

Thanks to Mike Girka for this picture

Billfish in Puerto Rico

Caption reads 'USS Billfish SSN676 Jan 28, 1971'

"This picture was taken after we came in from sea trials.  We rode the surface for better than 12 hours.  No one was allowed on the bridge, with the scopes up the water was going over the top.  The boat listed 45 degrees.  During this time, only one meal was served - greasy lasagna.  Not too many participated."

Richard Olswold

Alongside the Barney in Cartegena, Spain

Spirit of '76