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Let me know if you like the site. If you have photos, history, sea stories, or any other Billfish information, E-mail them to me and I will gladly publish for others to enjoy. If you served aboard Billfish, let me know, I would like to add you to a list of crew members on this page. With a crew of 110 men, each serving approximately 3 years on board, for 30 years, that's 30 / 3 x 110 = 1100 men who potentially called the boat their home.

On the subject line of the email, please put "676", or "Billfish". Please include year reported aboard, year separated, name, rate, email, and the town in which you reside, plus any other comments.    

My email address is

Thank you

EM1 (SS) Stephen Lindahl
U.S.S Billfish     '79 - '83