Additions and Revisions

Added new names and e-mails Dennis Thayer 79-84
I was recently notified of the passing of Davide Porrazzo FTG2(SS) '74-'76, by his best friend and brother in law, Bob Mann.  His daughter Valerie has already booked the burial. She said she would love any shipmates to attend from the Billfish or other Subs.

Thursday June 6th 10am
Southern Maine Veteran Cemetery
Springvale, Maine

Bobs' email is
Starting to add reunion pics
List of reunion attendees added to reunion page.  Should have all the pics added in the next couple of weeks
2023 Reunion was great, everyone had a wonderful time.  A couple of folks told me that when accessing the site, they got warnings about data security.  This was becuase the site was not encripted, but this is not an issue unless performing financial transactions.  Since no personal data is collected by my site noone should have been negatively impacted however, I have since upgraded the site to be more secure.  Please let me know if you get any similar warnings in the future about site security.  
Updated Itinerary with some clarification
Cheif Martin sent me the itinerary for our upcoming reunion
Added new names and e-mails Paul Carmody 75-78
Added a bunch of resort (reunion) pics from Chief Martin
I recieved a link from a student volunteer named Stacey called "All about Submaines"

 She is helping at a library in York county Maine.  They are puting on a 'Maritime History' workshop this month and the student was looking at our website and others for reference material, and thought we might enjoy checking out the info in this link she found.  Good stuff.
 I was just given some sad news.  Ray McCoy EM2(SS), who served aboard Billfish '71-'75, passed away.  Here is a link to his obituary. I was informed by Bob McGee, who was his best friend on board.  
Added new names and e-mails Darren Kelley 85-87
Billfish Reunion 2023

The 2023 Billfish Reunion is scheduled for 10/9/23-10/12/23 at the Beach Cove Resort, 4800 South Ocean Blvd., Myrtle Beach, SC. Rooms will be $124.32/night (including all taxes and fees). A group dinner and a fair well breakfast are being planned as well as at least one get together for a show. I will keep you posted as the details are available.

Added new names and e-mails Sean Kraus 91-95
 Chief Martin let me know that Luke Sanna passed away last Saturday following complications from a recent surgery.  So sad.  And Marcus Urioste sent the following note.

CDR Sanna died unexpectedly yesterday, 30 April 2022. He was 66. Things are understandably chaotic right now.
Luke had undergone surgery for stage 3 metastatic prostate cancer on 8 April and was on the road to recovery from the surgery. However, he had been feeling off last week, and was dizzy after a shower yesterday morning. He lost consciousness, was transported to a local hospital, where he was intubated but died within the hour. Autopsy is pending. He will be cremated with a tentative Chicago area memorial service in early June.
CDR Sannaís death comes 18 days after the death of LT James Edmondson, who died on 12 April 2022 after a four-year struggle with pulmonary empyema, an infection of the lung cavity. Close friends Luke and Jim took BILLFISH all the way through PNSY overhaul from 1982-3.
Former shipmates Marcus Urioste, Luke Sanna, and Jim Edmondson had remained the best of friends since BILLFISH days. Although Jimís death on 12 April was not totally unexpected due to his long illness, Lukeís death comes as a shock. Marcus will be eulogizing Jim on 5 May with retired Master Chief John Martin in attendance.
I was sorry to learn that former LT James W. Edmondson, who served with us from Med Run 1981 through post PNSY overhaul in 1984, died on 12 April 2022.  He left the Navy and completed his law degree from Georgetown Law and spent the rest of his professional career as a patent lawyer in the Metro Washington DC area.  He is survived by wife Silvia, two adult children and two high school age children.  He was a Class of 1979 Naval Academy graduate and was an ADM Rickover selectee to the Nuclear Power Program. He was 64.  Cause of death was a long term lung infection.  RIP Jim.

A memorial service will be conducted on Thursday, May 5th at 3 pm at Our Lady of Mercy Church. It will be in a chapel next to the Church.  The address is: 9200 Kentsdale Dr. Potomac MD 20854.   His widow Silvia looks forward to meeting Jim's Classmates from the Naval Academy (Class of Ď79), the BILLFISH, and his long career as a patent lawyer.  

Added new names and e-mails George Reed 74-78
Navy forced to release full inquiry details concerning this disaster beginning 9/23/2020

Started a list of links on the title page to help protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  
Updated reunion list
Added new names and e-mails Roger Van Wey 73-76
Added new names and e-mails Roger Grabo 77-80, Dan Garrison 74-76

Note from Roger:
 Good morning Stephen,
I found the Billfish website and would like to have my name added to the listing. I was aboard the Billfish from late 1977/early 78 to September 1980 when I got out. I was in "M" div as a MM1 (SS/DV) Roger Grabo.(yes a nuc diver). "M" div. officer was Lt. Jim Martin- a great officer . I loved seeing some of the pictures of the guys I served with. I remember Brett Beyer as he was a ELT always back in AMR2LL along with Carr. The website said he gave a lot of the pictures that are contained therein. I remember quite well the numerous weekly ops before the several northern runs( iceberg crunch) and the med run we did. I see from the website their may be a reunion in  August 2019? I'll keep checking as my wife and I now live in St. Simons Island ,Georgia and it's not far to Pigeon Forge. Thanks for all the work you and the rest have done to keep the website alive. Hope to hear from you soon.

Note from Dan:
Steve, My name's is Dan Garrison,I reported aboard the Billy boat in Feb 1974 and departed 7, 4 1976! I was cook and a pretty good one at that! We were still the Commissary Men Rating then! There was Bobby Signs, Anthony (scam dicks) Cezerwinski! Ensign Yount was the supply officer oh and Ralph Baliut all of us cooks! We had a lot of fun. Frank Butterworth the 3rd was skipper,or as we would say, what's your butter worth? Oh about three Frank's! Anyway I'd like to be on your email list ! Thanks in advance! I'd really like to find Jim and Karen Owens as they were the witness,s to my marriage which wi!ll be 44years this year's and it takes place on the last day of the reunion!, I have a lot of fond memories and I was a young class a smart ass, I'm sure some of the old timers got some good stories of the galley antics I got away with! Jim Owens was a Nuke! Iretired thru the Navy reserve as a HT  went to dive school and I even get a check once amonth go figure! Anyway I retired as a pipe welder last summer working in the piewelding field after 25years! Eat your heart out to (slag) Slag was supposed to be gpbe the Nuke welder on the boat but his real name escapes me! Doc Jackson was the HM1 whom I got to know well as I always was in fights! Butterworth even made me join the boxing team! Anyway lots of stories but we spent fricking mucho time at sea! Sad part was we were good at it! Thanks for listening to me please and me to your email list! Respectfully Dan Garrison
Next reunion confirmed!!  Smokey Mountains
Just recieved a note from Bob Mcgee, he said "Sorry to report we lost Jim French. One of my great friends during the early years of the Billfish."
Added new name and email Robert Barish 86-89
Bryan Foster sent a pic of him and Bryon Youngblood posted here
Added some photos to the History page that Captain Okeson found of BILLFISH's final resting place.  Although I'm still in denial
Added new names and emails Ed Hobday -72
Added new names and emails Jim Kahl Plankowner-72
 Mike Klein (Billfish 73-77) has written a memoir about his Navy career; "While I Was Away, Memoirs of Running Quiet and Deep During The Cold War". If interested email SUBFOURTWENTY@GMAIL.COM
Added new names and emails Bill Keiderling 72-73
Added new names and emails JB (Maynard) Hawkins 80-85
I am trying to send emails pertinent to the reunion, and half of the emails I have are no good.  If you are in touch with former friends, please let them know about it.  Thanks
I got a note from a retired Army fellow that came across a foul weather jacket stenciled with USS BILLFISH across the back.  He is willing to give to any crew that would like it, just pay shipping.  He said it is in good shape.  Let me know and I will send his email.  I didn't want to post it here.  
Added new names and emails Raymond McCoy 71-75
Got an email update from Fred Hoots.  He's such a Hoot!

Also found a great link to a book about the NR-1, a Must Read!
Got some great photos and accounts of the SS286 Billfish from Radioman Louis Fisher.  He was on the 7th and 8th war patrol in 1945.  Thank you for your service!
Question from Bob Mcgee - He is wondering the dates of his Med run, was it spring of 1972?  Anyone with info or photos please respond and I will post
Added new sea stories RIP Alexander ,and Blow the Man Down, from Steve Slavichak.  
Added new names and emails Rich Talipsky Engineer 79, Larry Dietrich plankowner, and Bernard "Ski" Mierzejewski 72-77
Added a photo from Bill Twitchell, of his wife cutting the commissioning cake along with the COB, FTCS(SS) James White.  Bill and his wife were newlyweds, 45 years ago.  Thanks Bill
Got a great note from Jef Alger, grandson of Don Alger, who served aboard the SS286 Billfish during WWII as helmsmen.  Jef sent me a link to an article where Don tells some very intersting stories about the boat's last war patrols.  Thanks to Jef and his grandfather Don.  Lest we forget.   

I also put this link on the SS286 page of this site.
Mike Klein sent me a couple of articles from the 1975 overhaul at Portsmouth.  Check it out here
I'm sorry to say that MM3 Abe Kritz passed away 6/19.  A friend sent me this note:

I am writing you to inform you of the passing of one of your shipmates. MM3 Abe Kritz He was aboard in the mid 90s, Iím sorry I donít have his exact service dates right now. Abe passed 6/19.  He died of natural causes at a much too early age. I didnít see his name on your crew list, and I donít know if he was active on your webpage. There may be some folk on there who remember him. I am currently gathering information about his services. If you post his passing, and any of his old shipmetes wish to contact me, please feel free to pass along my information. I served with Abe aboard the USS Austin.
Brian Duncan
Director of Operations
Professional Heating & Cooling, Inc.
(P): 757-855-7410
(F): 757-855-6743
(M): 757-449-6586
Added new names and emails Steve McKenney 91-95
Added new names and emails Tony Montgomery 92-96
Added new names and emails Kris Miller 79-83
Added new names and emails Gregory Taylor 96-98, Lynn Cannon 74-78, Mark Manley 95-97,  Rich Hubbard 82-86
A special member of the original Billfish crew contacted me, his name is Seymour Phillips.  He sent me a letter recounting one of the war patrols he was on in WWII.  I posted in the Sea Stories page.  He is also in the picture taken on Midway Island that he sent me (included on the SS286 page, he is in the top row far right).  I actually lived on Midway in the early 60's, my dad was an aviation electrician flying the super Connie radar pickets between Midway and the Allutian Islands in Alaska.  
I received sad news that Mike Makowicz passed away earlier this year.  We wish him smooth sailing.  
LT Steve Slavichak sent some photos of a model of the BILLFISH that he commisioned, and they are really neat.  Click to take a look
Added new names and emails RL Morse 73-75
Added new names and emails Kenneth Compton 87-92
Added new names and emails Al Morin 79-81
Al wrote the lyrics to the Billfish Rag, which became our unofficial anthem   It was the song most requested of our on-board musicians.  I am begging him to provide a recording of it.  Thanks Al.  I also added Al's email to the sea stories page.
Added new names and emails Dirty Dan Norris 75-79
Added new names and emails Jerry Stewart Plankowner Precom-1972
Added new names and emails Tom O'Keefe (Eng) 1992 - 1995   
Added new names and emails Mark Haskin Commanding Officer 95-98, Michael Cunningham Bull Nuc 94-97
Added new names and emails Mike Kane
The original commisioning plaque is up for sale at:

Let me know if anyone had the extra cash to purchase it...
Added new names and emails Dave Porrazzo 74-76
My hard drive crashed a couple of months ago and have been struggling to recover everything.  My mail has not been working so added new email for the site.  Sorry if I missed anything.  You can reach me now at
Added new names and emails Dave Williams 81-84, Frank Hausen 71-73
Added new names and emails Troy Sellon 91-94, John Thomas 73-77
Added new names and emails Seth Duston 82-88
Added new names and emails  Bob Bruggerman 86-90,  Ken Flaherty 97-99
Added new names and emails  Jim Edmansun  81-84 (A-Div Officer), Keith Simmons, early eighties
Added new names and emails  Larry "Mac" McDonald 77-80
Added new names and emails: Andy McBride  81-84, Tim Adkins 79-83
Added another great sea story from George Serano about the SPM .  Also interesting thoughts and stories from Bill Twitchell who was a plankowner, thanks guys!
Added new names and emails: Tiny Tanner  76-79, PJ Clarke 80-82
Added new names and emails: Randy McCoy  86-87
Chris Kavas sent it a picture of the last volume (8 of 8) of the Bitch Book.  The first 7 volumes were apparently found and destroyed.  Would have been interesting reading!
Added new names and emails: Mark Haeck  73-77, Dale Vines 89-93, Jim Zaborowski 86-90
Bill Maher sent in some unique pics from the wardroom.  Thanks Bill
Added new names and emails: Steve McKenney  91-95, Michael Ayala 89-92
Added new names and emails: Brett Thomas 94-97
Added new names and emails: Harold Mezo 73-76   Harold did some cartoons during his tour on Billfish, which I asked him to share.  I added a link (click on link) to the History page.   He also lettered the diesel with" spirit of 76" in red white and blue and painted the snoopy character on it (while in the shipyard).
Got a sad note from Bill Ruland that  Bill Chmiel died earlier this week from cancer. A great guy and a great shipmate.

Added new names and emails: Harold Mezo 73-76
I am proud to have made a new friend, he is Seymour Phillips, who served aboard the SS286 Billfish during WWII.  He has been kind enough to send some photos which I have posted on the page honoring the first USS BILLFISH.
Added new names and emails: Eric Sykes 91-95
Added a copy of the official Commissioning Program sent in by Tom Koehler, a BILLFISH plankowner.  Thanks Tom for taking the time to scan this!
Added new names and emails: Louis Mendez early 80s,  John Millard 90-93, Clark Huffman 98-DC, Steven Slavichak 74-77, Paul Rasmussen 84-86, Ronald Rana 74-77,  Derrick Hemingway (Otis) 84-89, Ed Carpenter 87-91
Added new names and emails: George Yatsko 81-83
Attention Dick Utley, Joe Flewwellin and JJ Snell would like to shout at you.  You can reach Joe at 270-358-9997
Added new names and emails: Doug Jordan 75-76, Tom Koehler  Precom-71,  Jason Johnson 93-96
Attention Bill Elrod, Joe Flewwellin would like to shout at you.  He said your email is old.  Can you send an updated address?  Any others with new ones, let me know.  
Bob Laird sent this really cool story about the Navy vs Air Force game last weekend.
Added new names and emails: Joe Flewwellin 79-81, Vinny Kubicsko 97-99
Added new names and emails: Robert Fontenot 93-97
Added new names and emails: David Frasier 80-81, Joe Parker 83-87, David Bergman 89-93
One of our periodic "passengers" wrote in, and speculated as to the reason for Billfish's Meritorious Unit Commendation.  His note is inserted in the history page.  (Click on the word note to check out)
Added some sea stories from Terry Kuhn, 86-88
Added new names and emails: Michael (Rocky) Ruccolo 80-85, Keith Faulkner 91-95, Bob Lawler 70-74  First sonarman attached to Billfish
 Troy Cawley ET2(SS) 95-99 scanned and sent me some great photos from his time on BILLFISH, panama canal, last transit, med run 97, etc.  You can view them by clicking here
Added new names and emails: Ben Edmunson Precom-72
Added new names and emails: Richard Lynch 82-85
Added new names and emails: Dave Jackson 77?-81?
Added new names and emails: Dave Lemke 78-81
Added new names and emails: Russell Lippincott 77-79
I received a nice thank-you from our COB and want to share it with you all.  

I am currently working at Electric Boat in Groton. I will be retiring at the end of the year.  Thank you and all of the guys who have shared pictures for the web site and thank you for all the great work you do to make "our "web site the best.

Please keep up this important site. I love to visit.
Thanks Shipmate,
Bill Elrod STCS(ss) USN RET.
Billfish COB 1980-1983

Added new names and emails: Scott Thurmond 71-75,  Michael Kline (74-77),  David Lindow 84-90
Added new names and emails: Greg Cooke 78-82, PJ Clarke 80-82 Note to PJ, I tried both emails, and niether one worked
Added photos from Gary Vernon circa 1975 including a New Years Eve ('74-'75) party.  Thanks Gary
Added new names and emails: Mark Wisniewski 80-94, Gary Vernon 73-75, Ronnie Rush 87-91, Lou Benson 86-89, Lee Whaley 95-98, Lloyd Rowden  89-03
Tribute to the passing of Brian Lieb
Added new names and emails: Jim Castle 69-73, Troy Cawley 95-99
Added new names and emails: Charles Foster 71-75
Added new names and emails: Chris Solomon 96-DC
Added new names and emails: Richard (Maggie) Magnuson 72-74
Added new names and emails: Oliver Carr  89-94, Steven Garbeil 92-96,Terry Wilson 81-83, Rick Vien 90-95
Added new names and emails: Ron Sparling  86-88
Added new names and emails: Cedric Lampkin  89-93      Note from Cedric
Added new names and emails: Chad Greenlee  98-Decomm
Added new names and emails: Richard Conserriere Comm-72
Added new names and emails: Mike Whitecar 86-88
Added new names and emails: Gary Branch 83-84
Added new names and emails: Bruce Nelms 88-92,  Bill Newell 91-94
Added new names and emails: Steven Papkey 73-77
Added new names and emails: Justin Lohrbach 89-93
Fixed email problem, ooops
Added new names and emails: Eric Burt 96-99,  Royce Henderson 94-96
I have put a little fence around our ships-force information to try and slow down the spammers.  Check it out by clicking the Ships Force button to the left.  I know it is not fool-proof, but had trouble inserting a password program.   If you don't remember the frame number that seperated forward from aft,  think about petty-officer Heinz.     
Added new names and emails: Jeffrey Copley 80-83
Mark Trombley passed away last week.  I received the following note from Greg Van Wey:

Mark Trombley (electrician on board for about a year, about 1979-1980?)
passed away this past week.  He was a Maintenance supervisor at the Perry
Nuclear Power Plant (near Cleveland).  I just received word that he passed
away last week from cancer.  Mark was always easy going, always upbeat and
positive.  Mark always could find something funny to lighten even the worst
situation.  He was quick with a kind word and was truely a good friend.
Still remember him running around ER upper level with a fireball chasing
him while monitoring the EPM.  Ran into Man. cursing a blue streak and made
a few rather un-militaristic remarks to the new EOOW and electrician.
Afterwards we howled with laughter as each time he told the story, the
fireball got bigger and bigger!

Rest easy shipmate, you will be missed by all.
Gregory S. Van Wey, MM1(SS)
USS Billfish (1978 - 1982)

Added new names and emails: Lloyd Smith 91-93
Added new names and emails: Joseph Swick (JD)  86-90,  David Otis 71-77, Judd Brown 97-DC,  Michael Bussolari 87-91
Added new names and emails: Nelson Brentilinger 80-84, Ramon Rodriguez 76-79, Keith Bonser 72-76
Added photo from Shorty Langenbrunner, Billfish entering Portsmouth 1981
Added new names and emails: David Dunham 77-80
Added new names and emails: Rick (Shorty) Langenbrunner 79-86, Steve Sablich 83-86, Jose Martinez 90-93, David Leikis 75-76, Allen Lee 72-76
Added new names and emails: Mark Bastille 81-85, Richard Wyeth 91-96
Added new names and emails: Barrett Green 76-78
Added new names and emails: Bill Carlson 85-86 Now (COMSUBGRP9),  Mike Davis 74-76,  Joe Damm 76-78,  Added a photo of Tom Baughman and Capt Butterworth from 1974, Tom getting his dolphins.  Also added a picture of Bob Mcgee from the decom activities
Added new names and emails: Terry Calaway 78-79, Don Smith 81-84, Terry Comaeux 95-99
Added new names and emails:  Gregory Moore 96-98,  Karl Newton 79-80
Added new names and emails:  Mike Erchenbrecher 73-74 (Ghost Rider)
Added new names and emails:  Danny Ward 87-90, Kevin Roark 92-94, Lawrence Sanders 71-76
Added new names and emails:  Brian Bevins 77-83, Mike Chartier 92-97
Added new names and emails: Erik Blom 79-83
Added new names and emails: Joseph Moser 86-87
Added new names and emails: A.J. Slider 87-91, Jarred Keuch 94-98
Added new names and emails: Thomas Rossi  76-78
Added Reunion schedule for the upcoming get-together
Added new names and emails: Joseph Santella 72-77
Added new names and emails: Daniel del Sobral 90-92, Gary Roberts 81-83
Added new names and emails: Darryl Walker 88-91
Added a bunch of new photos from Monty Lee circa early 1990s.
I am sorry to say that Jim Turriff, Plank Owner and Shipmate, passed away on Friday November 7, 2003 after a long battle with cancer.
Added new names and emails: Aaron Spall 97-99, Edward Artiaco 75-78
Added new name and emails:Michael Moore 93-95, Lonnie Weerts 87-91, Brian O'neil 85-88
Added new name and email: Dave Kolonauski 86-89
Added new name and email: Freddie Olmstead 94-98
Added new name and email: Calvin Gifford 70-72
Added new name and email: Jim Read 89-92 and 94-97
Added new names and emails: Jim Reilley 78-83,  Eddie Robles 83-87
Added new names and emails: Jim Mccleary 78-83,  Corey Tobias 94-97
Added new names and emails: Mike Sortwell 80-84 and Micheal Cramer 80-82
Added new names and emails: Jim Edmonson 80-84
Added new names and emails: Charlie Brown 77-80, 84-86,  Jim (Pinky) Floyd 79-81,  Brett Thomas 94-97,  Jason LaMarsna 95-97
Added new names and emails; Mike Kelly 96-DC
Added new names and emails; Gary Daughtrey 87-90
Added a reunion photo sent by Eddie Sierra.  
Added new names and emails; John Held 71-75, William Twitchell 70-72.
Got an inquiry from a British dude (Terry) asking if anyone had a stamp of the Billfish from the Queens silver jubilee in 1977,
Got a response from IC2 Steve Corneliussen - USS FULTON, Posted a note from him on the sea stories page. Good reading.

Added new names and emails for Steve Hedlund 88-90, Robert Barish 86-89,   Kevin Josiger 89-94, and Brian Shrum 84-87
Added new names and emails; Charlie Lamb 76-80, Russ Traughber 76-78. Added another picture of the SS-286 boat
Added new names and emails; James Wood 72-74, William Hopper 86-88, Jim Morrissey 87-90. Added some photos from Bill Maher to Ogang page.
Added new name and email; Charlie Summers 76-79
Posted a Christmas Poem from George Sereno
Added new names and emails: Brian Lightner 83-87, Jody Lenn 89-91
Added photos from Donny Smith  1  2  3 and  Bill Elrod 1  2  3  4  
Added names and emails: Scott Coykendall 98-Decom, Bob Signs 72-74, Robert Bierstedt 72-76
Posted some reunion pictures, send 'em if you got 'em, with names if you can.
Added names and emails: Wills Pike 81-85, Levi Hines 78-82, James Barton 95-98, Roger Reetz 95-98
Adding more names to the Reunion list all the time, check it out.
Sea Storie from Dave Griggs when they used the EPM as a generator.
Added new names and emails: John Hedman 80-83, Paul Duggan 73-76, Dave Griggs 72-75, Byron Youngblood 70-74/81-84, Harold Ruble; plankowner, Robert Conklin 84-89
Jake Clark (93-97) has designed a terrific new bulletin board / forum for us.  
Updated the Reunion Page with attendee names. Added new name and email:Mike Dugan 88-90
Added new names and emails: Chris Greatwood 83-86, Mark Yount 72-76, Gary PIxley 76-79, Brian Lightner 84-87
Added new names and emails: Dan Palmer 82-86
Added new names and emails: Jim Okeson (CO) 79-84, Ray Bohner 81-84, Ben Taylor 92-96, Bill Maher 81-85, Tim Baker 88-92, Joseph Butler 72-73, John Romanowski 85-88, Jerry Bagdonas 80-84, William Knapp 70-73, Rick Lundgren 84-86, Marcus Harris 80-84
Added new names and emails: Ted Wenta 69-72 (Plankowner), Chuck Linden 80-83
Updated Reunion Page.
Added new names and emails: Fred Hoots 79-80, Kevin Smith 79-82, George Assard 81-84, Bob Price 72-74, Mike Klein 73-77, Dave Bosell 76-78
Got several good sea stories from Jack Cash 72-75 These stories are posted on Sea Stories page 2  Added new names and emails: David Rifkin 93-95.  Bob Brown 76-79                           Today is my birthday!
Added new names and emails: Mike Davidson (Served as MM3 and back as MMCS) Donald Holt 73-77, Edward Simmons 92-96, Bob Lusignan 70-72, Gary Callahan 88-90
Added new names and emails: Ron Sisemore 69-73, Steve Kier 85-89 Added new email for John Snell
Added an addendum to the loss of shore power sea storie from Darrell Harper, Added new names and emails: Mike Makowicz 80-83, Joe Grabo 85-90, Al Habina (no email), and Karl (Olie) Olsen  80-84? LCDR NOW!
Added new name and email: Mike Stanchina 95-98
Added new names and emails: Micheal Landis 90-95, Dean Legrand 92-94, Bob Petron 83-85
Added a bunch more pictures from Mike GIrka in the crew photo pages.
Also added a photo of the British Royal Navy Rum, see 3/7/02 below
Added new name and email: Dan Tidwell 81-86 and updated email for Riley Greenwood
Added new names and emails: Darrell Ashley 73-76, Rob Regan 93-97, George Sereno 69-72 and a couple good sea stories from George on the Sea Stories Page.

Also, if you purchased British Royal Navy Rum in Gibraltar, it is now worth $$$$$ big bucks. Brent Beyer found a web address and sent me a response he got from a letter he sent to them. We paid about 20 bucks and it is now worth $5000-$6000  

Added new names and emails: Shane Towles 90-95, Robert Mclaughlin 85-89. Added photo of Paul Goda at the Planesman controls at the SCP on the crew photos page
Added new names and emails: Billy Hallman 96-DC
Added new names and emails: Mark Baringer 80-8?, Dave Ashcraft 80-8?, Jon Drew 80-81, Kevin Hoge 84-89,
Added new names and emails: Blake Tarter 92-96, Skip Morris 72-74, Billy Johnson 92-95, Jimmy Bullock 96-Decom, Woody Young 1978 (hitchhiker)
Mike GIrka sent me about 60 photos that I am beginning to sprinkle into the site.
Added new names and emails: Steve Pretti 81-86, Casey Salkauskas 'Sal' 92-95 (Added a quote from Sal on the sea stories page),
Added new names and emails: Greg Hedum 77-80, Brian Arenas 92-95
Added new names and emails: Mike Boone 84-87, TM3 Ward 86-89
Added 25 photos sent in by John Martin, many new faces from the past, crew photos page, and bluenose ceremony pics on the regalia page.
Added new name and email: John Jones (Plankowner - 73)
Added new names and emails: Jim Okeson (CO) 79-84, James Cookson 95-99, John Bond 97-98, also a picture from Jerry Gonya in the 'forward pukes' section. Also added a Bulletin Board where anyone can leave a message.
Added new names and email: Gale Yohe 80-84, Tom Weeks 72-76
Added new name and email: Greg Carrol 93-97
Added a cool photo sequence of a Mark 48  ADCAP destroying a target
Added photo of myself taken following the Bluenose ceremony
Added new names and emails: Bill Higgins 75-79, James White 70-71
Added new names and emails: John Martin 80-84
Added new names and emails: Doc Collins 78-81, Ric Johnson 70-74, Tom Holmes 81-84
Added new names and emails: Terry Barbaree 79-81, Robert Laird 72-74, Charles Jones 84-88, Tommy Oates 91-95, Mark Steine 76-78, Chuck Jones 84-84, Andy Little 76-78.
Added nice photo of the diesel, painted like your old John Deere, crew photos page
Added photo of several commissioning crewmembers including Capt Hughs, history page
Added some North pole pics history page then click on Icepack 87, added a picture of Terry Kuhn and CDR Luhan on crew photos page,  thanks to Terry Kuhn for pics. Also added photo of Nuc's coffee pot - regalia page
Added photo of Terry Kuhn 86-88, and some interesting memorabilia on the regalia page that Terry sent in
Added photos taken around decom on last history page
Added new name and email: Bryan Foster 71-74
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Added a link to the CNN report done on the USS Hawkbill - the final North Pole trip for a 637 class boat. Very good coverage with videos, one shows the boat coming thru from above the ice.

Also got a sea story of sorts describing a picture on the Boat Photos page. The black and white one with ice all over the sail. Courtesy of Richard Olswold.
Added link to an interview with Terry Jones (Billfish CO) reprinted from Jane's Combat Sims Magazine, Feb  1997 on Favorite links page, very interesting! Thanks to Richard Hubbard for the link       
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